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PATRICK HAMILTON * Presidential Award 2020

Patrick Hamilton was awarded The Cricket Hall of Fame 2020 President’s Award for his excellent work in promoting cricket and the Cricket Hall of Fame in South Florida in the past year. In his tour, he met with several area cricket clubs such as Ambassador Cricket Club, Miami; Port St. Lucie Cricket Club. Fort Lauderdale Jammers.

Mr. Hamilton most significant accomplishment was his work in planning the first ever Florida Cricket Induction Ceremony in Hollywood, Florida in December 2019. The event was a success. Hazel Rogers, Jamaica’s OD, the City of North Lauderdale’s mayor, and several others were honored with Cricket Hall of Fame Induction for their work with the cricket community.

Hamilton other cricket work during the year included his work as the Sportsmen’s Club sports coordinator. In this role, it was his hope to include Hartford area youths to the game. Preparatory work with the schools have been established and should continue after the pandemic has ended. The major drawback in Hamilton’s estimation is the lack for coaches and he has pledged to help in a major fund raising effort.

Mr. Hamilton is no stranger to the Cricket Hall of Fame. He celebrates a half century of membership next year, while is service to the Cricket Hall of Fame is 40 years in 2021. Certainly, a pioneer to Sprtmen’s Club. His work has continued, Congrats Patrick Flipper Hamilton.

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