The Cricket Hall of Fame Directory

The Cricket Hall of Fame Directory is a biographical publication of people who have contributed to the game of cricket in their local urban neighborhoods, rural communities, and beyond. The Directory is a community engagement tool made possible by partnerships between private, academic, and government sectors. These community engagement partnerships bring Research to Practice into projects and programs these communities view as important. Our Cricket Hall of Fame Directory, in the true spirit of the game, bridges important gaps between formal education, informal learning, meaningful careers, and quality-of-life development.

We believe, on many levels, the future of cricket rests on linking the sport in peoples’ minds with economic and social developments at the local community level. As a small first step, the mission of this Directory is to establish links between cricket and relevance to situations in which people find themselves. Our aim is to provide access to solutions, and to support, those who contribute to making cricket possible at the “grass-roots” level. For example, the many unsung heroes who cut the grass, provide food, give words of encouragement, arrange transportation to games, just to name a few.

We know local communities benefit from lessons learned in cricket. Lessons learned from meaningful activities, deeply collaborative dialogues, purposeful engagement in the community, and trusting expectations that are linked to cricket, are also transferable to economic, career, and quality of life development. Everyone listed in our Directory has made an important contribution to, and is part of an ongoing story about, the game of cricket in local urban neighborhoods, and rural communities!

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