Claude L. O. Tait, Guyana-born radio personality and sports columnist, started his professional liaison with the Caribbean-American community with a stint as the Foreign Student Counselor of the Delahanti Institute in New York City.
A former Treasurer and Public Relations Officer of the National Organization of West Indian Americans (Guyana Chapter), Mr. Tait has maintained intimate contact with the immigrant community. His experience and involvement has been continuously augmented by frequent visits to the Caribbean territories, Canada and Europe.
Claude Tait’s career in journalism was nurtured at Queen’s College (CUNY), Springfield College, Massachusetts, and later at the Connecticut School of Radio and Television Broadcasting. His broadcast experience began as a news correspondent for W.H.U.R. FM Radio at Howard University in Washington, D.C.
As a reporter for W.L.I.B. AM news in New York City since 1977, he has made an individual commitment to the coverage and promotion of international sport, with emphasis on world-wide soccer and the Commonwealth sport of cricket.
For eleven years, Mr. Tait has been the single, recognizable voice of sport in the Caribbean community. The continuoss growth of Inter-Borough soccer and cricket in the New York metro area is due, in no small measure, to his unflagging advocacy.
Having now assumed the responsibility of News Editor at W.L.I.B. Radio, Claude Tait consolidated the considerable scope of his work in the media with his appointment as Sports Editor and Columnist for the influential Caribbean-American weekly – Carib News which he served for three years.
Claude Tait’s latest accomplishment was the launching of the American Cricket Council, which held its first successful promotion on Saturday, September 7, 1985, a one-day cricket match between a West Indies Cricket Board of Control team at Mount Vernon’s Memorial Stadium.