Shaping a Servant Leader

Shaping a Servant Leader



Shaping a Servant Leader by Neville Ying

The book emphasizes three Guiding Principles for providing service as a servant Leader.

Relate Spend time building relationships with the persons you serve to create a portal through which you are allowed to enter and be received into their personal space, thereby enabling you to serve them effectively.

Care Provide Spiritual and Psychological support to persons you serve, especially when they have fears and concerns and are experiencing hardships and difficulties.

Share Use the talents with which God has blessed you to empower those you serve to improve the quality of their lives.

For young people, millennials, parents as well as, aspiring, emerging, and seasoned leaders, and all who are committed to empowerment for making a transformative difference, this book will yield something of value with which to build and/or strengthen their servant leadership capacity and impact.


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