Barbara P. Lindo who is a committee member of the Cricket Hall of Fame was born in Barbados and immigrated to Hartford, Connecticut in 1970. She had her early education in Barbados and continued her studies at the Greater Hartford Community College in Massachusetts. Ms. Lindo’s civic involvement in the U.S.A spans over 36 years. She joined the Barbados American Society of Hartford (BASH) soon after arriving in Hartford. One of her first contributions in the organization was to represent Barbados at the Mayor’s All American Council. Another contribution was becoming a member of the West Indian Independence Celebration Committee, where she held many positions such as recording secretary and reception chairperson, to name a few.

She has served as the President of the Barbados American Society of Hartford for more than 10 years, and also as one of the guarantors for the purchase of the Barbados headquarters and Permittee for more than 15 years. Her responsibilities included the organizing of talent and fashion shows and other youth programs such as Miss Junior Barbados and Ms. Barbados American society.

As entertainment chairperson, she kept the Barbadian culture alive. She invited high profile bands, singers and groups to perform at various events in Hartford, Baltimore, Washington DC, Boston and New York. Her most distinguished accomplishment was the invitation of the Late Prime Minister of Barbados, JMG (Tom) Adams, to Hartford, Connecticut, the first and only Barbados Prime Minister to visit the Barbados American Society of Hartford.

Lindo also loved cricket from childhood and brought that love with her to the U.S.A. Before becoming a member, she assisted the reception committee of the Cricket Hall of Fame during the induction weekends. After a few years of helping, she became a member of the organization.

Her passion for cricket led to the invitation of cricket teams from Barbados, a first for Hartford as well as Canada, Boston and New York. The Hartford cricket team also traveled to Barbados to play the game.

As Coordinator of the Cricket Hall of Fame’s Humanitarian Program 2001, she was involved in a fund drive raising approximately $10,000 for the Barbados Youth Hotline. The Youth Hotline is a support program for distressed youths who need assistance. The phones are manned by their peers with back up assistance from trained social workers.

As a member of the Cricket Hall of Fame board, she continues to assist with many programs, and is currently in the process of documenting the history of the Cricket Hall of Fame.