Mrs. Ivy Mahabir is a founding member of women cricket in the United States of America together with Hall Of Famer Mr. John Aaron, Mrs. Venelda Wallace and Miss Roselyn Emmanuel.
Mrs. Mahabir has worked tirelessly to promote, grow and develop cricket and more so women cricket in U.S.A. You can ask fellow Hall Of Famers Mr. Orville Hall, Mr. Hugh Pitter, Mr. John Aaron, Miss Petaula Samuel, to name a few about Mrs. Mahabir and they will tell you she is always involved with cricket whether it is scoring, writing, umpiring, playing or coaching. The only thing in cricket she has not done is commentate and if given an opportunity I think she will.
Just to mention a little about Mrs. Mahabir:
May 2009 she attended Montclair State University where she graduated with 2 M.B.A degrees in International Business/ Management (with honor G.PA 3.54)
At Montclair State School of Business, she was a member of: Management club, International Business Club, Financial Management and Economic Society and the International Student Club.
With the assistance of the Student Government Association (SGA) she founded the first ever cricket club at Montclair State University M.S.U (this university has been in operation since 1908). The M.S.U Spartans.
She is the 1st and only female cricket umpire in the region (Garden State Cricket League since 2005 to presently and Millennium Cricket league since 2007 to 2011).
She was also the first women coordinator for the Atlantic Region Women Cricket- 2007- Aug 2010.
She was also a contributor to Local Talk Newspaper and Newark Newspaper –Sport column (cricket coverage of both Millennium and Garden State Cricket Leagues) since October 2007 to 2010
In March 2009 she played her first 1st class game in the U.S.A for the Atlantic region with stats of 27 runs not out and bowling spell 8-1-23-2.
In May 2009 she represented the first United States Women Cricket team in which USA placed 2nd , she had a wonderful bowling spell against Argentina 6.5-1-8-2 – 6.5 OVERS 1 MAIDEN 8 RUNS 2 WICKETS .
In September 2009 she was the founding member of the Local talk cricket team.
In September 2009 she was given a Certificate of Appreciation by MAQ of the T20/20 tournament, where she was also an Umpire / Official at this tournament.
In 2009 to 2010 she was the Public Relations Officer of Garden State Cricket League.
In 2009 she also did the level 1 Accredited Coaching program, where she participated and fulfilled the requirements as a Level 1 coach in acquaintance with the WICB- West Indies Cricket Board, as well as the United States of America Umpires Association
April 2010 – Founding member and coordinator of Atlantic Region First women cricket team
In June 2010 she took the First Atlantic Region women team to California in a regional tournament, where she Captain.
In October 2010 she was the Vice-Captain of the first Holly Wood Women’s Cricket Team playing in the first US Cricket Open, MAQ T20 competition.
In March 2011 she got the opportunity to play on the Golden Oldies cricket team of Los Angeles. Against a male Sri Lanka team in which she was honored to be the first woman captain of Golden Oldies.
In May 2011 she attended the Atlanta 1st Women cricket T20/20 tournament where she captained the Hollywood Rebels Women CC got 2 wickets and 19 runs not out.
In July 2011, she played in the National tournament where she captain the Hollywood Rebels WCC. She played 2 games and got a total of 6 wickets.
In 2011 she successfully completed Cricket Business Management course with Sports Management worldwide.
In 2013 she played for Superstars women cricket team of Canada she was awarded the Roy Sweeney best bowler for superstars’ women cricket team in the 2nd match.
In August 2013 she played for New York Tristate women cricket team against Canada in Canada 5 T20/20 in 3 days and got the best bowler award

In 2014 played in several local tournaments
In 2015 she successfully completed Umpire Level 1 with England Cricket Board Association of Cricket Officials.
In 2015 is the first female Vice President in a male dominate New Jersey Umpire Association
In 2016 she took the opportunity to advance her knowledge with umpiring by enrolling in the next level with ECB ACO.
In 2016 she founded the Starlets Women Cricket Team and captain the team in the recent Atlanta women tournament.
She is presently enrolled with the ECB ACO where she is studying for the club level scoring exams.
Tell me why anyone would not acknowledge this dedicated, hard working woman who eats, sleeps and dreams cricket, and she will not stop in promoting, developing and growing cricket in USA.