M. Wallace Venelda

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Venelda M. Wallace was born in Brooklyn, New York, but spent her formative years in Jamaica where he attended Ardenne High School and the University of Technology (formerly known as C.A.S.T.). She excelled in scholastics and athletics which earned her a scholarship to Anderson University in Indiana. She graduated with an Accounting degree then went on to Long Island University C.W. Post to graduate at the top of her class in the MBA program.

Always involved with sports, Venelda who is known for her speed, agility, and defensive skills, was selected the Most Valuable Player for the American Netball Association for four consecutive years. She has represented the United States Netball team from 1999-2003. In 1999, she was a member of the national netball team that participated in the Netball World Championship held in New Zealand. In 1998, Villagers Cricket Club in New York merged with the Pacesetters Netball Club to form Villagers Pacesetters Social and Athletic Club. The netballers would support the cricketers and vice versa. Venelda started to observe and learn the game of cricket. It didn't take long as she applied her skills and knowledge from her athletic and professional background. She was voted as the manager of the Netball team in 1999 and acted as the cricket team's manager that same year.

Since 1999, Venelda has been the cricket manager for Villagers, all but one year within the 14-year period. Villagers play in the New York Metropolitan Cricket League where they are ranked in the top four since she has been managing the team. Venelda has promoted, arranged, and hosted many cricket tours for her Villager's team. They have a bi-annual tour with The Western Stars Cricket Club in Bermuda, other regular tours to Florida, Maryland, Philadephia, Atlanta, Poughkeepsie, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Jamaica. Known throughout the USA as the "Female Manager you don't mess with," Venelda is always fully equipped with her rules, stats, intelligence, and psychology.

In 2011, she was the co-founder and manager for the Cool Tech Cricket Team that participated in the U.S. Cricket Open 2011 which was held in Florida. For the first time entering her team finished in the top eight out of 32 teams. They were the only team to have earned the maximum points of 10.

Venelda assisted with the formation of the Long Island Master's Cricket team. In 2007, Venelda was elected to New York Regional Board as Women's Cricket Coordinator and Treasure. A very instrumental and vital individual to the New York Cricket Region, she is currently the Women's Coordinator for NYCR.

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