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His journey in US cricket started in Chicago in 1995

Shiraz Najam is honored for the consideration for the induction
in the Hall of Fame. His Journey with cricket in the USA started
as soon as he arrived in Chicago in the cold winter of 1995. On
his arrival he helped created a cricket club in Midwest Cricket
Conference - MwCC of Chicago in the year 1996. The Club won
the very coveted MwCC championship the very first year of its existence with additional championships in 1998, 2000 and 2010. Cricket gave Shiraz all that he needed to settle in a new place. An activity to keep fit, an opportunity to meet new and great people, the experi- ence of running a club, and a cause to contribute to for the betterment of the community. But above all, it has given him some great friends, and respect in the cricketing community. In more than 22 years of being affiliated with the sport in the USA, Shiraz has had the honor of serving the sport in many a capacity, see below:

  • 􏰁  Served as Vice President of Night Cricket for MwCC. I served in the role of VP for Night Cricket, introducing to Chicago a full-fledged version of playing cricket under lights in 1999. With several international players in the mix such as Nasir Jamshed, Merv Dillon and Ricardo Powell showcasing their talents and playing alongside local cricketers
  • 􏰁  Appointed Vice President of Judiciary in 2006 for MwCC for conflict Resolution
  • 􏰁  VP of Marketing and Fan Development for MwCC in 2010
  • 􏰁  Elected to the Post of President of MwCC in 2014 and had the honor of leading of the 
largest cricketing leagues in the country with more than 50 teams. Highlights of MwCC 
  • MwCC has grown to more than 60 Teams in the last six years
  • Highest prize money tournaments held in Chicago in 2014 through 2017 introducing a 
commercial aspect of the game handing out more than $100K to cricketers in three years
  • Introduced an MwCC Youth Academy which led to winning the State of Michigan Youth 
Olympic Cricket event in 2015
  • Introduced live coverage of cricketing events in Chicago in partnership with MAQ TV
  • Secured a multi-year contract with the Village of Hanover Park to repurpose 21 acres of 
land to establish a cricketing sports complex – going live in 2019
  • Established a forward block along with other league presidents in demanding transpar- ency from United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) on governance
  • Served in the Constitution Ramification committee for identifying governance gaps within the structure at USACA


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  1. Served on the Sustainable Foundation Advisory Group (SFAG) convened by the International Cricket Council to lay the groundwork for the Constitution of USA Cricket governance and Elections
  2. Recognition of Thanks from ICC.


“Cricket is not only a sport to me; it is the meaning of my life. My dream is to be always remembered as a man who dedicated a life full of support for this great sport. From my child- hood – the sport had gripped me entirely and I have enjoyed it thoroughly.
“I have also contributed to the best of my ability to help develop a home for cricket in Hanover Park – Illinois – being one of the first evangelists in the idea and conception of what will be home to several international fixtures in the future,” he said.


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