Roy Reid

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Born in Kingston, Jamaica, playing and promoting the game of cricket was second nature to Roy. With the guidance of his coach and mentor, George Headly, Roy's skills as an innate cricketer burgeoned. While in high school, he established the Roy Reid Sporting XI Club.

In 1969, Roy migrated to the United States, but being in a new country did not halt his participation and promotion of the game. He joined Wembley Athletic Club in Bronx, New York, and in 1972 he formed the Bronx Cavaliers Cricket Club. As president and captain, he used his marketing and leadership skills to elevate cricket in the Tri-state area and organized friendly and competitive matches between Jamaica, Canada, and the United States.

Roy continued to popularize the sport of cricket in the Tri-state area by being the first person to bring teams from Jamaica, for goodwill tours. In 1984, Roy hung up his cricket bat to focus on his newly formed company Corporate Courier but continued to be a recognizable face and voice of cricket. However, his retirement was not for long as he soon returned to the game by the successful courting of the Greenwich Cricket club. While playing in the Connecticut Cricket League, he was a premier runs getter and as a result, represented the Connecticut Cricket League in their all-star games. In 1991, Roy formed yet another successful cricket club, the New York Cricket Tourers, promoting the sport by touring and competing in places like England, Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Barbados.

Amongst Roy's many successes as a player and patron of the sport, utilizing his marketing degree, he successfully organized and promoted a match between Brian Lara's West Indies team and the United States at Columbia University.

Roy's leadership, marketing, and operational skills know no boundary, whether it is in the world of sports, politics, or business. As so aptly put by Patrick Kirkland, Roy is a dynamic leader and his enthusiasm for the game of cricket or whatever venture he lends his name to reflects his magnificent skills as a visionary, promoter, public relations officer and skilled sportsman.

His indelible mark on the promotion of cricket remains galvanized in the history of cricket in Jamaica, the West Indies and the United States of America

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