Francis Roy

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Roy Francis is a visionary. In 1963, Roy saw the way to create sports and recreation opportunities in his community. He did something about it. He gathered a few friends in his basement and after three hours, the Commonwealth Sports Club was born; complete with a constitution and a plan to recruit cricket, soccer and domino players. Naturally, Roy became the club’s first president and cricket captain. He attracted some good players and supporter over the next five years. Until, as is inevitable, a major dispute landed his departure.
Roy went on to form another club, and again did for it what he had done for Commonwealth Sports Club. He never totally severed his relationship with Commonwealth, and on the occasion of Commonwealth Sports Club’s twentieth anniversary in 1983, he was awarded the first and only life membership of the organization. The fact that Commonwealth Sports Club is a major force in Toronto is no accident, but the result of a carefully planned development commencing with vision of leaders like Roy Francis.

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