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Ran Red Stripe cricket tournament in Philadelphia

Ronald Martin was born in the District of Allepo in the parish of St Mary, Jamaica. The first time he saw the game of cricket being played by grown men, he recognized its elegance and discipline and decided there and then that this was the game he wanted to be identified with both in playing, development and active involvement, for the rest of his life.

Ronald started out by playing for his school which he later captained for many years. He also was elected captain for his community cricket team. After leaving school, Ron made sure that cricket continued to grow in his district. Just about every Saturday the team would either play at home or travel to play other teams inside and outside the parish. He was the one who solicited sponsorship from local businessmen and Government to maintain the cricket program. Ron reluctantly left his district and moved to the island’s capital Kingston to join the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF). He immediately started playing for the Department that represented the Kingston Division, serving as Vice Captain and Selector.

After serving several years in the JCF, Ronald migrated to the United States in 1970 and settled in Philadelphia. He joined the Commonwealth Cricket Club in 1971 and played for the club from 1971 through 1990 in the New York Metropolitan Cricket League. During this time, he became actively involved in the club’s management serving first as secretary from 1973 through 1978. He was then elected president, serving for six consecutive terms, 1978 through 1984. After his stint as president, Ron continued to be very active in the club to make sure it continued to move in the right direction. He remained very active as a delegate to the Metropolitan League.

For three years,1989 to 1991, Ron successfully ran the Red Stripe Cricket tournament in Philadelphia. This tournament was played among six teams: Jamaica, Barbados, Combined Islands, Trinidad & Tobago, India, Pakistan and British Officers, using the same format that was used in the West Indies.

Ron is now involved in Masters Cricket and regularly travels to Jamaica for the annual tournaments. He is also a member of the prestigious Kingston Cricket Club. Ron has cricket in his blood and continues to find time to help mentor youths in Philadelphia and to do everything he can for the sport that he has loved all his life.


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