Leslie Reginald

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In 1947 a new sport was brought to the New England area, the game of cricket. Mr. Reginald Leslie along with a handful of cricket lovers decided that it was time that the game got started in this area. He recruited the players from the various farms in the Greater Hartford area and donated many hours and funds to see that the game got off on the right track. This was difficult, mainly because of the adverse conditions. There were hardly any cricket gears, no real playing field and very few spectators.
The first games started in Boston, Mass., with the help of Mr. Lloyd Walford. The fellows traveled to Boston and were hosted in fine style. They were given gears to play in that match and also given gears to take back to Hartford.
Through Mr. Leslie’s drive, the team got involved in the Mass League, where Leslie became the first Treasurer from outside the State of Massachusetts. The team became so good that they not only defeated the Mass. Teams but had to find new foes. Their next opponents ere Canadians and then they took on New York. Highlights of their season in 1951 was when the team hosted a group of Englishmen who arrived at the New London base on the HMS Sniper.

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