P.K. Guha

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P. K. Guha was born in Kolkata, India, in 1942. He was destined to be around cricket as he had the fortunate occurrence of being born near Eden Garden, the home of the National Cricket Club. He had his early upbringing in Bihar and Bengal, India, where he obtained his early formal education. He then went on to attend high school in Uttar, Pradesh, India. During his high school years, he played cricket for his school at various levels. He graduated from high school in 1957.

After graduating high school, in 1957, he went on to attend college where he pursued his education in engineering. While he was in college he captained his college cricket team, while also playing first-class cricket tournaments for other organizational teams. Some of the other tournaments included the first-ever summer tournament (Sheesh Mahal) in Lucknow, India, and the Inter-railways tournaments. After graduating from college, in 1967, P.K. gave up cricket, to pursue a career with the Indian commercial giant Mahindar & Mahindra. However, as an executive with Mahindar & Mahindra, he continued his involvement with the game, in an administrative role. These roles led him to work with some of the great Indian cricketers of the 1950s. One such person he worked with was the late Indian test cricketer, Ramanath Kenny.
P.K. migrated to the United States in 1974, where he was entrusted with the responsibilities of managing Sperry Vickers World headquarters, in Troy, Michigan. It did not take him very long before he became very active in the development of cricket in the U.S.

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