Merlyn Jones

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Mr. Merlyn Jones was born on January 19, 1933 in Barbados, and was educated at Wesley Hall Boys’ School. He came to Connecticut in May 1956 to work with Tobacco and moved to Hartford in 1957. He is currently employed with Northeast Utilities and has been for the last seventeen (17) years.
In October 1967 Merlyn joined by some other Barbadians, was instrumental in forming the Barbados American Society of Hartford. He served as President during the years of 1967, 1971, 1975. He was reelected in 1981 and 1984 and is still serving in this ca-pacity. Merlyn has done quite a bit of community work for Barbados and America. He obtained contributions and donations for the Dorcas League, the Old Age Pensioners and the Home for the Blind and Deaf in Barbados; the Hurricane Relief Fund and the St. Leonard’s Church Fund in Barbados. He donated a plaque to the Wesley Hall Boys’ School, which is to be presented annually to the student who performs best in the Common Entrance exam held in Barbados.
Merlyn was involved with the Springfield Cricket Organization, he reorganized that club in 1973 and was Vice President for two (2) years. Merlyn is always interested in Barbadians when they are striving and when they have achieved their goals. He gives inspiration to all Barbadians living in Hartford, Connecticut. Barbadians are always welcomed and assisted by Merlyn Jones whenever they visit or set up residence here in Hartford, Connecticut.

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