Mahammad A. Qureshi,





Founder of Cricket Council USA

Born February 2, 1964, in Karachi, Pakistan, to Fayyaz Hussain Qureshi, Mahammad A. Qureshi, who is also known as MAQ, is a Pakistani-American. He is the founder of Cricket Council USA (CCUSA), which has been managing T20 cricket format since 1999 and the CEO of MAQ Group.

He completed his High School education in Karachi and moved to United States of America in 1984 and attended AA Miami

Dade Community College in 1987, earned his BS Degree from FMU, Fort Lauderdale, in 1989 and an honorary PHD Degree from the TeamWork International Sports Research Institute in 2011.

Mahammad has invested millions of dollars for the development of Cricket across the United States. He is also the president and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MAQ Group, Inc., one of the largest real estate investment and financial groups in the United States. MAQ Group specializes in commercial real estate and Sports Management. Notably, the group established, developed, and manages C-store, Gas station, fast food throughout the USA and the North American cricket channel

MAQ Group’s notable brands from the United States include Cricket Council USA, T20 Sports, T20 Drinks, MAQ Stadium, US Open Cricket, Cricket59, US All Stars, Cricketer book, US Open Sports, National Championship, MAQ T10, KGMG, US Open Soccer, US open Baseball, US Open Basketball, MAQ TV, US Cricket Academy, MAQ Enterprise, News925, MAQ Media Group, World CUP T20 1999, PetroAmerica, Subco, SuperStop Petroleum, Super Stop Express, MAQ Tobacco, and Bizder. The Group also co-branded with Amoco, BP Oil, Shell Oil, Hess, Chevron, CITGO, Marathon, Sunoco, Circle K and 7-eleven, among others.

Mahammad has four children who are American citizens: Samantha Afzal Qureshi, Afzal Ahmed Qureshi, Zishawn Afzal Qureshi, and Aayan Afzal Qureshi.