C. Walford Lloyd

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Lloyd C Walford was born on July 26, 1919 in Alexandria, St. Ann, Jamaica. He
served honorably during World War II as a soldier in the British Army from 1941-1947. In June of 1949 he migrated to Boston and joined Windsor Cricket club one week later. As an active member, he served in every executive position including Field Captain and Vice-Captain repeatedly. He also served the Massachusetts State Cricket League as President, Secretary, and Field Captain on numerous occasions.

On the demise of the Massachusetts State Cricket League, he helped to establish the Bustamante Cricket League presently the American Cricket League. He worked diligently to re-establish the Massachusetts State Cricket League in 1977. During this hectic period, he found time to establish the New England Domino Association and served as one of its past presidents.

His continued efforts enabled the West Indian Social Club of Hartford to begin a cricket program which resulted in cricket being played in Connecticut since the 1950s. He was also instrumental in starting the cricket series between Montreal, Canada, and New England a short time later.

He was President of the Massachusetts State Cricket League, Vice-President of Windsor Cricket and Social Club, Inc., and Vice-President of the New England Domino Association.

He is married to the former Marion Watson of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. They have two children, a son Lloyd Jr. and a daughter Hyacinth, residing in England. His fondest hopes were to have Windsor win the Roberts Trophy from Primrose and the Joseph Benn Trophy of the Massachusetts State Cricket League before retiring back to Jamaica.

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