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JATIN PATEL - INDUCTEE Actively involved in coaching and educating others in cricket

From First International Live PPV cricket event in USA, Cricket Video Tape exchange program in late 80s also Contributor & Supporter for Cricinfo Initial Project, (before WWW Internet Invention) Jatin Patel is no stranger to the sport of cricket, having played since age of nine in his native India and here in the USA. He is actively involved in coaching and educating

others to promote sport with many first initiatives in India and the USA.

The former medium pace bowling all-rounder and Multi Sport athlete from Gujarat, India, is multi sports administrator, coach in Cricket, Soccer, Baseball and Volleyball. He holds more than 200 Credentials (Certificate of completion/ Participations) in sports (Olympic, ICC, College & High School sports levels in USA), with a passion for cricket as his primary sport.

CHARITY: ACF Cricket coaching Certification & Accreditation Program is the brainchild of Patel. Since 2014 and as of March 31, 2022, he trained 378 Level 2 coaches, 727 Level 1 coaches (Excludes 3000+ school PE teachers and future coaches at 8 Colleges and Universities & 17 Countries out side USA).

INITIATIVES: Renown and respected he gained expertise in coaching, while working with many international cricket legends. Patel is a founder of USA Center for Excellence in Cricket (USACEC – since 2008) with a vision to “Educate America for Cricket”. It provides free coaching and training programs to schools in USA.

Pioneer for the scholastic and education programs with coach education for undergraduate students at universities. Recently he founded Americas Cricket Foundation with vision to “educate Americas for cricket” and joined hands with two leading Indian companies with 5 million plus active memberships with 50 years in business to launch global Webinars and virtual sports Cricket, Soccer coaching and officiating programs

ACTION: The Cricket Show USA, Board Member and one of the Panelist (5+ other panelists are from West Indies Origin) for Weekly talk radio show for West Indies and cricket in Americas, including USA.  Visionary leader & Co-founder “Who Is Who In Cricket” (WiWiC) - first & largest in the world.

AWARDS: 2010 Indiana Governor’s Public Service Achievement Award recipient. 2013 First Volunteer Award Recipient for American Cricket Federation (ACF), 2017 April - The sports authority of India honor award for Cricket Development during SAI-GDCA Cricket Academy Inauguration function (attended as a honorable guest). 2017 August Pride of Academy Inauguration function (attended as a honorable guest). 2017 August Pride of Gujarat (Lifetime achievement award in sports from Gujarat State Government, India.) 2020 Global Grassroots Sports Hall of Legends (The Big G Sports, Australia) – Inducted. 2021 Lifetime achievement award - USA.

WORK: IT Professional with 34 years as State Government Administration and Management (IT SAAP), and more than 37 years in the Information Technology sector, An engineering, technology and computer science professional with 9+ years of college education.

FAMILY: All USA citizens, Wife is in USA since 1982 and has two loved ones who were born in Indianapolis. Dr. Charmi Patel (MD, MBA) (Married to Sam Patel (MD, MBA) and Milind Patel (MS GSCM) (Global Supply Chain Management) Business Consultant - Deep Technologist (Healthcare).










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