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Edgar “Sammy, Zinc, Raphael” Samuels was born Sept. 14, 1937 in Longhill, West Moreland, Jamaica. His cricketing journey began at Kings Primary School. He was often compared to his older brothers and father John Percival Samuels as an outstanding cricketer.

In 1955, he moved to Clarendon and began working at Monymusk sugar factory, and quickly earned the name “Zinc” for his fielding prowess and a star batsman on the company’s cricket team, earning numerous awards and representing the parish of Clarendon in the Walker’s Cup. It was also there in Lionel Town that he met his future wife Elaine Cassells. They married in 1958 and had three children in Jamaica. In 1968 Edgar & Elaine immigrated to the United States eventually settling in Hartford, Connecticut close to his older brother Richard Samuels.

Settling in quickly, Sammy was recruited by a young upstart cricket team in Hartford the Sportsmen’s Athletic Club. Joshua Guthrie one of Sportsmen’s founders was impressed by his cricketing skills and took him under his wing. The team quickly rose to become one of the best teams in the city, state, & region w/ "Sammy" gaining a reputation of being one of their best batsmen. In fact, “Sammy” scored the first century in Connecticut.


As West Indies cricket team rose to prominence internationally in the 1970’s so did Sportsmen’s Athletic Club locally and regionally. Sportsmen’s Athletic Club won the Connecticut Cricket League championship in 197??? often times vanquishing their big brother and rival the West Indian Social Club. But they didn’t limit their conquests to the “Nutmeg” state. Sportsmen’s was known for traveling and winning in New York, New Jersey, Boston, including an annual trip to Montreal & Toronto that bookend the summer cricket season in the northeast.

Sportsmen’s dominance continued into the 1980’s and Sammy anchored a batting force that left most bowlers awake at night. As the 20th century came to a close it saw Sportsmen’s raise the championship trophy ??? times and Sammy was the team’s Best Batsman ??? times, and Player of the year ??? times. Edgar & Elaine retired and moved to Clermont, FL in 2000. But Sammy didn’t retire from cricketing. He joined the ??? Cricket team in Ocala, FL and help found the Clermont Cricket Team.

What can’t be expressed is the number of admirers of his batting prowess. As a little kid I wasn’t able to really appreciate just how good he was. I can’t tell you how many times people in the park would stop to tell me just how good a cricketer he was, especially with the blade in his hands. If I received a nickel ever time, I’d be a very rich man. Sammy continued to play into his 80’s and retired in 2020 to care for his ailing wife Elaine who passed away in 2021.



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