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a native of the Island of Jamaica was born in the rural town of Grange Hill in the parish of Westmoreland. His passion for photography in conjunction with his innate and keen artistic ability led him to start his own photography business in Savanna-La-Mar, Westmoreland at the tender age of nineteen. Even then it could be seen that he was determined to shape his own destiny. In 1985, Dennis migrated to the United States and 3 years later started “Dennis Photography & Shipping”. While he loved photography, Dennis decided to focus his passion and energy into the shipping business and hence Dennis Shipping was born. Today, Dennis Shipping stands as the epitome of leadership and success in export services to the Caribbean among shipping businesses in the North East and Florida. The company now has two locations in New York, one in Florida as well as two in Jamaica. Guided by its motto, “Committed To Excellence” Dennis Shipping has earned its reputation as the leader in providing safe, reliable and quality shipping services to the Caribbean.

As Dennis Hawthorne excelled in business, his deportment remains one marked by humility and grace and he is committed to providing service to communities that will elevate and uplift those being served. To this end, his support to community has been evident in his philanthropic endeavors such as partnership with the American Foundation of the University of the West Indies (A.F.U.W.I), Negril Education and Environmental Trust (N.E.E.T) and the Health for Life and Wellness Foundation in providing education and health service to those who need it the most. His generosity extends to all fields of education, health, sports and the environment.

Over the years Dennis Hawthorne has been recognized for his services to the community through the various awards and accolades bestowed upon him among which he has been awarded ‘The Consulate General of Jamaica Award for Outstanding Benevolent Services to Jamaica and the Caribbean Communities’ as well as ‘The Congressional Record Award’.

Dennis Hawthorne is the consummate self-starter, whose vision and perseverance have seen him emerge as a nation builder and a servant to all. He is an ardent sports fan, with an unrivaled passion for Track & Field and the game of dominoes. He is a devoted father, who continues to be guided by his personal philosophy that ‘Success is not measured by the amount of money or the level of education you have, but rather, by the people that benefit beyond your family and friends from your accomplishments.’


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