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Alonzo F. Smith of Guyana, South America came to Hartford, CT in 1954. He became a member of the West Indian Social Club of Hartford Inc. in 1954 and started to play cricket the same year. His prior cricket playing was for Spoilers Cricket Club of Port Mourant Berbice, Guyana which produced such notables as Joe Solomon, my opening partner, Rohan Khani and Basil Butcher who all represented the West Indies and were at the time second eleven. He played for W.I.S.C. from 1954 to 1971. He was personally responsible for expanding cricket out of Hartford going south with many teams out of New York including the United Nation CC, on to Philadelphia and Howard University, Washington D.C. In 1963 with the help of Mr. Alvin Watson I had the opportunity to play against Montreal CC in 1955, and a combined WI team.
“In 1958 against such notables as Al Valentine, Jerry Butler, Prior Jones, Easton McMorris. I opened with my friend Mr. Noel Elliott and made 77 runs caught in leg slip.
I have had a great time playing cricket in the U.S.A. my accomplishments are too nu-merous to mention. I have been awarded life time membership in The United Athletic Association Cricket Club, of Boston, Massachusetts, and also St. Thomas Cricket Club of New York City.
“In reflection on cricket in Hartford, my opinion is that we have come a long way from one team to approximately six teams and three playing fields.

Last but not least, Cricket Hall of Fame, Congratulations and Best of Luck.”

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