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Canon Wilborne A. Austin was born in Barbados to Enid Austin and the late Norman Austin. He is the oldest of 10 children. Always a devout Anglican, he worshipped at St. Stephen’s Church in Barbados when he was growing up. He was active in the life of his church from Sunday school to being Head Boy of the choir.

Prior to immigrating to the United States in 1969, he worked at eh Alleyne School in Barbados with his wife, Mary. They lived in New York for a short while and then relocated to Harford. They are the proud parents of four daughters who graced them with four grandchildren.

Canon Austin held several positions in the Hartford area before answering the call to the ordained ministry. His goal was always to be a priest in the Anglican faith.

Following his ordination, he faithfully served as priest at St. Monica’s Episcopal Church and Christ Church Cathedral for 12 years. One of his responsibilities was the pastoral care of the parishioners. Canon Austin paid visits to active, inactive and homebound members. He ministered to individuals and conducted services to groups in various locations in the community and has earned a reputation for carrying out these duties faithfully, with compassion and deep caring.

Canon Austin lives out the statement: “If I can help somebody as I travel on, then my living shall not be in vain.” He is known as the minister that can be called upon in the community to serve in whatever capacity is deemed necessary. He is a familiar face in several churches and has numerous friends among the congregation and ministers.

He respects everyone and he loves everyone. Canon Austin has a great deal of respect for all the organizations in the area and has always supported their efforts through the years he has lived here.

Four years ago, Canon Austin answered the call to pastor St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in the town of Bloomfield. He immediately found the congregation warm, welcoming and inviting. Each day he thanks God for the opportunity to serve his new congregation. Together, they are making an impact in the community. With God’s grace, Canon Austin said that he will continue for years to come, the work he feels God has called him to do.

Ironically, Canon Austin began his walk with God at St. Stephen’s Anglican Church in Barbados. Unless God has another plan for his life, it appears that Canon Austin will retire from St. Stephen’s in Bloomfield, Connecticut.


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