CricWho - Who Is Who In Cricket


The principal objective of CRICWHO, more commonly recognized as Who Is Who in Cricket (WiWiC), is to build an all-inclusive global network to recognize, reward and celebrate the contribution of billions of followers of this wonderful sport which is growing every day, transcending boundaries, race, colour, ethnicity and religion.

This network includes creating a directory of past and present players, administrators, umpires, curators, groundsmen, statisticians, and all those who have been relentlessly working behind the scenes to contribute to the success of the game that is played daily in all corners of the globe, at the regional, national, and international level. Be it a club game, county, state, zonal, national, bilateral games, or international events,

CRICWHO will play a vital role in highlighting the unique efforts of each and every individual behind the success of these events and supporting and promoting the unprecedented growth of cricket in the global community.

CRICWHO, will identify these individuals by creating an information hub consisting of six levels of awards, recognizing and honoring the outstanding accomplishments of those who have contributed to the growth of cricket in more than thirty (30) categories, specifying each individual’s involvement in the development of the game, long considered a cultural unifier, globally.

CRICWHO will lead from the front to amplify and champion the global efforts to expand the growing popularity of cricket by increasing the engagement of the cricket fraternity and fans through global networking. This will be achieved by building and publishing online directories which will include informative data for research and educational needs for every individual connected with the sport.

CRICWHO will further the development of the sport by providing data and analytical inputs for research and development of the game. With the help and use of the information superhighway, artificial intelligence, and smart gadgets,

CRICWHO‘s potential is critical and vital for the global growth of the sport and fully supports the Cricket Hall of Fame Museum (Non-profit tax exempt in the USA) in the State of Connecticut.

CRICWHO is similar in scope to the Cricket Hall of Fame (ChoF) ideals. Ends

Jatin Patel

Chairman, Visionary, Co-founder & Director, Cricket Hall of Fame (USA)

Visionary, pioneer, volunteer, leader, administrator, engineer, multi-discipline coach, sportsman, Cricket Hall of Famer (USA), Mr Jatin Patel, wears many hats, each, vaulting him to further greatness every time, but none as much as his efforts to spearhead the movement through CRICWHO to recognize, reward, and celebrate the efforts of those people who works behind the global cricketing scene for the show to go on.

Michael Chambers

Co-chairman, Co-founder & Executive Director, Cricket Hall of Fame (USA)

From being a captain of his High School cricket and track & field teams to Executive Director of Cricket Hall of Fame, Michael Chambers Sr. has been a born leader, combining his expertise in engineering and sports to now join the CRICWHO movement to recognize hundreds of unsung heroes dedicating their life for the betterment and development of cricket across the globe.

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