In 1992, Naeem opened his first convenience store, Sam’s Food Stores, in Hartford, CT. Since then, Naeem’s entrepreneurial spirit has led his business grow and expand to include diversified real estate projects such as DB Mart, Smoker’s Discount World, and Ravi Petro. Sam’s Food Stores is now operating over 200 locations throughout Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New York.

But as impressive as Naeem’s success as an entrepreneur is, it is in his magnanimous commitment to helping others that he has truly distinguished himself. That commitment is rooted in his appreciation for the opportunities that America has offered him and his family.

Naeem is the founder of Sam’s Children, Inc., which is committed to raising funds for children battling serious life-threatening diseases in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Rhode Island. Whether it is helping the young mother of a child suffering from a life-threatening disease pay her bills, purchasing a specially equipped chair for a boy with a severe feeding disorder, or providing a bed for a young girl suffering from spina bifida, Sam’s Children has helped countless children and families. As well as Sam’s Children, Inc., Naeem is on the Board of Trustees of Madina Academy, the first Muslim-accredited high school in Connecticut.

Naeem has devoted time and resources to supporting the cricket community in the northeast since 1994. Naeem has sponsored numerous teams and tournaments throughout New England and continues to be an active member of the New England Cricket community.