PAULINE DAVIS

Presidential Award

Pauline Davis, a 2001 graduate of the University of Hartford, Connecticut, is one of the  strongest contributors to the Cricket Hall of Fame in Hartford, Connecticut. In 2002, Pauline began her association with the institution, bringing with her a unique approach to fundraising and volunteerism

Originally from Jamaica, Pauline migrated to the United States in 1987, and like many immigrants, she desired to pursue a career in which she could best serve her community. Recognizing the need for access to healthcare she earned her degree in Business and Professional Communication which serves her well in her capacity in the dental field. In this field, she encounters a number of opportunities to connect with business leaders who are willing to support various groups and organizations locally and in her homeland.

A resident of Bloomfield, Connecticut, and a member of the St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church located in the same town, Pauline serves as a Chalice at her church. At the Cricket Hall of Fame, she serves as a Treasurer. She said that when she became a member of the Cricket Hall of Fame, it did not take her long to realize that she was not just joining a club or an organization, but that she had begun an association with a group of people who were like a family. “I enjoyed the friendly discussions which are intertwined into the more serious topics when we meet,” she said. As Treasurer, part of her job is to seek sponsorships for events, including the induction ceremony, which takes place yearly on the first Saturday in October. The ceremony honors former cricketers who have excelled at their game. One of her greatest achievements was being able to honor Jamaican cricketers Michael Holding and George Steir.

“As a member of the institution, I have had many wonderful experiences,” she said. “One of the most memorable was when I went to Jamaica with a Hall of Fame team to attend the opening of the Cricket World Cup games in Jamaica in March 2007. While there I had the privilege of meeting former West Indies star bowler Michael Holding and present player Darren Powell.”

A hard worker and very dependable member of the institution, Pauline contributes to all its fund-raising efforts by organizing bus trips and raffles, and co-chairs exciting fashion shows. In 2023, she donated barrels of school supplies to students in the district of Bombay, Manchester in Jamaica. In 2024, she donated money to the Portland Women’s Cricket, also in Jamaica. Her dream, which coincides with that of the Cricket Hall of Fame, is to create a museum to document the contributions of current and former cricketers, both locally and internationally, to the sport.