Peter Jolly: A Lifetime Commitment to Cricket

Born on January 10, 1952, in the quaint village of St. Joseph, Dominica, West Indies, Peter Jolly found his passion for cricket at a tender age of nine. This enthusiasm steered him towards the establishment of a cricket team in his village, where he devoted over five years of service as its secretary.

Upon migrating to the United States of America for further studies in Electrical Engineering, Peter noticed that cricket was not a recognized sport in the country. This sparked a profound interest within him, leading him to dedicate himself to the vigorous promotion of the sport. Peter’s involvement with cricket was not limited to playing the game. He established his own clubs, served on numerous executive boards, and tirelessly worked behind the scenes, liaising with politicians to elevate the status of cricket in the United States.

Peter’s journey in the United States cricket world, has been marked by a series of distinguished roles across various organizations. His contributions include serving as the Assistant Secretary for the Brooklyn Cricket League, spearheading the Queens Nassau Cricket League as the Organizer and President, and founding the West Indian Alliance Sports Club where he also served as President. His leadership extended to the Eastern American League and the Commonwealth Cricket League, where he held the position of Vice President. He also served as the Vice President of the United States Cricket Promoters Association, founded the New York Master’s Cricket League where he presided as President, and held the position of C.O.O. in the Nassau-Queens Cricket League. Peter’s significant contributions include the establishment of the first umpires association and the introduction of the first Saturday Cricket League in the E.A.C.A., an initiative that was later adopted by the Commonwealth League.

Peter’s influence in cricket transcended traditional organizational boundaries. He successfully advocated for the recognition of cricket as a burgeoning sport within the community to the Polk County Parks Department. His efforts were instrumental in the establishment of the first illuminated cricket facility in Poinciana Community Park, followed by the addition of two more cricket venues in Polk County. In 2023, his dedication and hard work were recognized when he was appointed as the Regional Director of Florida for Cricket Council United States by the President and C.E.O., Maq Qureshi.

In addition to his cricket endeavors, Peter also built a successful career as an Electrical Engineer. He complemented this with his commitment to community service, volunteering as an instructor for the Electrical Union Local No. 3 for over twenty years.

Although retired as an Electrical Engineer, Peter Jolly continues to be a central figure in the evolution, promotion, and management of cricket, earning widespread recognition. He remains committed to using his expertise, knowledge, and experience to contribute further to the community. His passion for cricket, coupled with his past achievements, ongoing initiatives, and future aspirations to elevate cricket in the United States, make him an outstanding nominee for the Cricket Hall of Fame.