Linford G. Miller (Junior) Nominated to receive Presidential Award

LINFORD G. MILLER (Junior), President, Connecticut International Cultural Carnival Association Inc. (CICCA)

He became an active member of the Sportsmen’s Athletic Club of Hartford, Inc. in 1988, eventually serving in many capacities, including President for (3) years, Trustee for (2) years, Assistant Business Manager, Sports Captain, Secretary and Liquor Permittee. He, along with Keith Carr, revived Friendship Night in Hartford Connecticut. He also resurrected the Cricket Hall of Fame, which was inactive for approximately 8 years.

Mr. Miller is the founder of the Jamaica Ex-Police Association of Connecticut, Inc., established in 1991. Over the years, he has served as its President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and has been its Scholarship Coordinator since the organization was founded.

He was elected President of the West Indian Independence Celebration Committee of Hartford in the year 2000, where he served in this capacity for (3) years.

In November of 2000, he was appointed to serve as an Auditor of the International Caribbean Carnival Association, Inc. (ICCA). Eventually renamed the World Council of Carnivals (WCC), with its Head Quarters in Montreal, Canada, WCC continues to advise, manage and train Trinidad Style Carnival producers around the world, including Africa, Australia, the U.S.A, Canada, Europe and most the Caribbean Islands.

Mr. Miller has attended and participated in Carnival Seminars and workshops in Cambridge, MA in 1999, St. Lucia in 2000, New York state in 2001, Miami in 2002, Orlando in 2003, Montreal in 2006, and the Dominican Republic in 2015. He also hosted a 2-day seminar / workshop in Hartford CT in June 2001.

He worked at the Learning Corridor in Hartford for 4 years: A 16-acre campus nestled between Trinity College and the Institute of Living; the Learning Corridor comprises four public magnet schools encompassing grades pre-K through 12. The Montessori Magnet School, a Magnet Middle School, and two Greater Hartford Academies all teach high-level Math, Science, and Arts. Also included on the campus are youth support programs – a Boys and Girls Club, The Aetna Center for Families, and the CT Valley Girl Scouts Council. There is no other public-school campus in the country that combines these elements.

Beginning in 1985, Mr. Miller worked at Hartford Hospital, serving as a Public Safety Officer, Supervisor and an Emergency Communication Specialist for the air ambulance program. He retired in February of 2020.

He has attended and participated in Caribbean Carnivals all over the world, including Trinidad and Tobago, New York, Atlanta, Boston, Orlando, Miami, Springfield, Albany, Jamaica and Hartford Connecticut.

Mr. Miller attended Mas Camps in New York, Boston, Montréal and Toronto, Canada. He also hosts Mas Camps prior to the West Indian Parade in Hartford.

He also founded the Mas Camp Summer Employment Program in Hartford Connecticut in 2011, where teenagers of the Hartford School System are paid to work and learn the cultural art of making Trinidad style costumes for participating in Hartford events. In 2011, thirty-eight students participated, while in 2019, one hundred and three students participated.