George and Diane Steir, the first to donate $500 for Portland, Jamaica Women’s T10 Tournament

                                                GEORGE STEIR, NOMINEE, CLASS OF 2023

Because of the generous donation from George and Diane Steir, who were the first to donate to  the Portland Women’s T10 Tournament, I am happy to report that the event was a huge success. Three women’s teams and two mens teams participated in the event. The weather was gorgeous both days. Thanks to Past President of the Cricket Hall of Fame Junior Miller who transported a number of the players, from Kingston and back, to the tournament. Thanks to Director, Dr. Dolton James who was in attendance on Saturday. The Man  of the Tournament was The Honorable Roy Reid, OD, CHoF who showed up on Sunday. Roy donated large sums of money to the players and support staff. Roy presented the winning team with the Roy Reid Trophy. The CEO of INTEGRATED DIASPORA SERVICES (Jamaica) was in attendance on Saturday, the company will be in Hartford, Connecticut (home of the Cricket Hall of Fame) April 8, 2023 to help the Jamaican residents with passport, driver’s license and other needs.

The tournament was live streamed and will be available for viewing on youTube. Thank to Kimberley Forbes(commentator)  and Jatin Patel our IT persons.

The Junior coach Carl Brissett(Jamaica)  was present to observe the outstanding performance by Abbey Gayle Bryce(33no)   and Bridget Dawson(30no) unbroken partner ship 69 to win the first place trophy..Abbey Gayle Bryce is a up coming sixteen year old who has a bright future in Jamaica/West Indies Women’s Team.. Jodian Morgan made 46 and took 2 wickets in the final game. Sharon Harris, Sports Officer for Portland presented the second place trophy.

Nicole Thomas, treasurer  of the group, was the scorer.

Thanks to Naomi Hall, Coordinator and President of the West Portland Sports Club, for organizing the event.The curried goat, brown stew pork and fried chicken was delicious.

Lloyd Chambers, Chamber’s Texaco,  hosted the Press Conference the week-end before, says he was extremely pleased with the execution of the event and is looking forward to 2024.

Save the Date: the second week of March 2024.  Make your hotel and travel arrangements now.

Send  a Western Union donation to NAOMI HALL 876 387 6948 remember to text Naomi with the invoice information.

The Sportmen’s Athletic Club of Hartford, Connecticut,  USA  thank the Executive Director of the Cricket Hall of Fame for coordinating the event.