Jayesh R. Patel, aka Jay, is one of those rare businessmen whose love for the game of cricket transcends boundaries at all level. Jayesh Patel holds Law and Commerce Degrees from India, and he has been a hospitality professional, owner and investor in USA since 1994. He also owns the Param Veers team(s) and has developed multi sports facilities & sports complexes with cricket academies with the state of the art amenities in India, USA and now soon in Panama.

Boss Chris Gayle with Mr. & Mrs. Jayesh and Sima Patel at Param Veers Sports complex, during Chris Gayle BOSS field inauguration.

Jayesh Bhai’s family has already invested millions in cricket related complexes and facilities in India and the USA during the last 33 years. This includes 60 plus acres multi discipline sports complex in North Atlanta, Georgia area which has six full capacity (80 yards) cricket fields with all turf pitches as per ICC recommendations capable of hosting any international event with semi stadium amenities.

Param Veers Academy at Cricket Sanjay Farm, Gujarat, India, is one of the finest cricket grounds with the extra ordinary turf pitches in western part of India. It also has additional grounds for youth cricket academy with the full scale indoor facility and all basic amenities for the cricket. Additionally, it has residential accommodation facilities for two teams in proper farmhouse, resort type environment.

Boss Chris Gayle with Jayesh Patel’s family after US Open T20 championship.

The versatile owner and investor has made tremendous contribution for development and promotion of cricket in the USA through various engagements and participation. The Atlanta Param Veers is the only professional team from USA to compete in more than dozen professional tournaments, including Minor League Cricket, US Open T20, Atlanta Open and many other high profile events. Atlanta Param Veers were crowned champions of US Open T20 in 2019 with Universe Boss and the legendary Chris Gayle leading the team from the front. Overall, more than 50 legends and international players have represented Atlanta Param Veers in various competitions from time to time.

Legend Sunil Gavaskar, Cricket Hall of famer with Jayesh Patel’s family at their residence in Cartersville, GA.

A thorough gentleman with deep understanding of the game, Jayesh Patel have tremendous respects for the legendry and senior cricketers and admires their contributions to the game of cricket as its true ambassadors. Many legendary cricketers who have visited the facilities to endorse Param Veers initiatives includes Sunil Gavaskar, Universe Boss Chris Gayle, Champion of Champions Dwayne Bravo, Hall of Famer Shivnarine Chanderpaul and many more. These legends too have shown tremendous respect for Jayesh Patel for what he has done for the game in the USA as well as in India.

Mr. & Mrs. Jayesh & Sima Patel with the Cricket Hall of famers congressman Dale Holness & coach Jatin Patel at Florida stadium.

Param Veers have also join hands with some of the best experts and experienced professionals out there in cricket world for team administration, coaching and management. Some of the renowned professionals include coaches Monty Desai, former West Indies batting coach Esuan Crandon and Jatin Patel, Cricket Hall of Famer and multi-discipline coach.

Param Veers have provided financial support for few tournaments, leagues and many teams in the past 33 years to help youngsters to keep their interest in cricket intact. He has also sponsored and hosted many private and community cricket tournaments and exhibition games to promote cricket in the USA and India. He is also a patron for many youth cricket tournaments in USA and India where he has facilitated for exposure foreign trips for the youngsters in USA. The only academy in USA to win ICC Best Junior Development Global Award in 2003, USA Cricket Academy, has also done few tours to India.

He is always ambitious to develop international quality grounds and facilities with the adequate infrastructure to fulfill the needs of USA and soon in Panama cricket by joining hands with the top-notch professionals and experts from world cricket. His desire to see growth of cricket in USA and his dedication towards the same, coupled with strong family support, has resulted in three decades of unending developmental activities in the USA and expanding academies to help cricket in Americas (North, Central & South America).