Dr Kishore Shallow - Pushing the Boundaries


Bridgetown, Barbados – Dr. Kishore Shallow launches progressive “Pushing the Boundaries” manifesto ahead of Cricket West Indies (CWI) presidential elections. In the manifesto, Dr. Shallow speaks to a necessary paradigm shift of CWI in attitude, commitment, and actions by all stakeholders. He also elaborated on driving excellence to improve the fortunes of West Indies cricket.

The manifesto includes the strategic focus for Cricket West indies under his leadership. Four key pillars are featured in the manifesto as his pivot for an improved future of the regional organization that governs cricket, namely:

  1. Cricket development – the ongoing growth of a cricketer, from grassroots to senior.

  2. Human Capital – establishing a purpose-driven culture, epitomizing pride and passion for West Indies cricket.

  3. Commercial and Marketing – implementing a viable and lucrative commercial model to enhance CWI’s revenue streams.

  4. Governance – committing to the continued evolution of the organization by incorporating modern-day best practices that align with our culture.

“I am elated to share my vision for West Indies Cricket. A vision that has been shaped through thorough study of West Indian cricket history, numerous exchanges with stakeholders in cricket and first-hand knowledge of the inner working of the organization. This manifesto is predicated upon my unwavering commitment to the values of respect and excellence. Respect for the game that has done so much for our people and for the stakeholders who continue to be the driving force behind the game. We must pursue excellence, in doing our utmost to achieve our potential. This manifesto outlines a holistic and integrated plan to set Cricket West Indies back on a path to progress,” expressed Dr. Shallow.

The CWI Vice President further said, “consistent with the theme of the manifesto, “Pushing the Boundaries,” we must escape our comfort zones and strive for a greater degree of efficacy in cricket administration. This must be a non-negotiable on and off the cricket field for sustainable success.”

Synonymous with cricket, specifically the game’s shorter formats, the manifesto comprises a section called PowerPlay. This lists ten items to be prioritized in the first six months of Dr. Shallow’s presidency.

Dr. Shallow recently accepted the nomination for the CWI presidency, with elections scheduled for March 25, 2023.

About Dr. Kishore Shallow
A graduate of Walden University in Minnesota with a Doctorate in Business Administration specializing in Financial Management, Dr. Kishore Shallow also attained a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Wales, Cardiff, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Business Computing from the University of Sunderland. In addition to serving as President of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association from 2014 – 2020, he has served with distinction as President of Windward Islands Cricket Board from 2019.

Dr. Kishore Shallow served as Vice President of CWI from 2019 to the present and chaired the task force, which developed the first West Indies selection policy. Further to this, he chaired the Franchise Review Committee and played an integral role in stabilizing the financial state of the organization during the COVID-19 pandemic.