PORTLAND WOMEN’S T10 TOURNAMENT March 11-12 Snow Hill play field,

                             DIRECTORS PORTLAND WOMEN’S T10 TOURNAMENT


A press conference, on March 4, 2023, to announce the upcoming Portland Women’s T10 Tournament was held at Chamber’s Texaco, 15 Trafalgar Rd, Kingston 10.

The tournament is scheduled at Snow Hill play field, Portland March 11-12.

Mr. Lloyd Chamber, owner, welcomed the gathering, and thanked Ms. Naomi Hall for keeping women’s cricket alive. The  past president of the World’s First Cricket Hall of Fame, located in Hartford Connecticut,  Mr. Junior Miller welcomed the group and explained the work the Hall has been doing to recognize those persons world-wide who have excelled and have made a difference in the growth and development of cricket. Mr. Miller explained that he was responsible for the second birth of the Hall of Fame. Mr. Miller donated $300USD. And pledged his support for the tournament. Mr. Miller indicated that he would be attending the tournament.

Miss Kimberly Forbes (PR Officer for the  CHoF) read a letter from the Vice President of CWI in support of Women’s Cricket. Dr. Shallow also pledged a personal $500USD. 

Percival Hurditt coowner and Director from Integrated Diaspora Services(IDS) in his remarks complimented the organizers of the tournament and pledge his support for Portland Women’s Cricket going forward.

Mr. Percival Hurditt donated $200USD.

 In attendance was West Indies star bat and wicket keep Natasha McLean, she is a member of the Samp Army Women’s team, a North Carolina, USA Franchise. She will be competing later on this year in the USA. She is also an honorary member of the Sportmen’s Athletic Club and the CHoF. USA. Lloyd Chamber explained that at the 2019 tournament Natasha hit two of the biggest six both ended  on the roof of his car.

Other donations were from Hall of Famer George Steir and Mrs Steir who donated $500USD.

Hall of Famer Lloyd Dixon $100USD. Hall of Famer Roselyn Emmanuel $50USD. Sports coordinator of the Sportmen’s Club, Patrick Hamilton, pledged $50USD. Domtar Sports club has pledged a donation.

Hall of Famer Roy Red OD donated the first-place trophy. Mr. Reid will be at the tournament to present the trophy. He is in Jamaica to discuss with the Minister of Sports the development of youth cricket on the island.

Jody-Ann Brown, scholarship recipient from CHoF now attending University of the West Indies express her gratitude for all that the CHoF is doing for women’s cricket

Ms. Naomi Hall, Tournament coordinator, thanked the sponsors of the tournament. She promised two exciting days of cricket. She was thankful to the CHoF for their partnership and looked forward to working with Mr. Miller and Mr. Hurditt. Naomi can be reached at (876 387-6948) WESTER UNION YOUR DONATIONS TO NAOMI HALL, JAMAICA (call and let her know the invoice number).

The persons in attendance were treated to some delicious Chamber’s restaurant food.

High lights of the tournament will be the inclusion of members of the National Women’s Team and a REMATCH: Domtar Sports Club vs Portland Masters.

We will miss Trevor Barnes one of our ardent sponsors and supporters, we wish him well during his recovery from illness. Get well soon brother Barns.

Article and Photo by: Kim Forbes