Cricket Hall of Fame launches American Cricket Education Council (ACEC) with aim to “Educate Americas for Cricket”

Hartford, CT: In a very positive development that will help the game of cricket reach the next level in the USA, Cricket Hall of Fame (CHoF) announced their acquisition of the team dedicated to cricket education in the country, the American Cricket Education Council (ACEC).

Commenting on the development, CHoF Executive Director, Mr. Michael Chambers said, “In an important addition to support our mission and vision to ‘Educate Americans for Cricket’ CHoF has launched the American Cricket Education Council (ACEC) and it supersedes USA Center for Excellence in Cricket (USACEC) which has been around since 2008. Our Hall of Fame members and supporters will offer their time and expertise as key investments to promote and support cricket in western part of the world (Americas).”

The Cricket Hall of Fame (CHoF), first in the world established in 1981 is a non-profit organization dedicated to cost-sharing development of and meaningful support for our heroes (Honorees and Inductees) who have contributed to the game of cricket over the years, from maintaining the grounds to advancing trusted community engagement, and who in the true spirit of the game have also been engaged in quality of life development activities that their local urban or rural communities view as important and sustainable.

CHoF Board Director and Visionary, Mr Jatin Patel said, “Our credentialing is to combine resources, expertise, and infrastructure to empower scholastic cricket to educators and faculty members at colleges / Universities with enhanced resources and professional development opportunities and strengthen the future of the cricket coaches’ / educators and institutional instructors. Our Apex Panel members work in a variety of settings and carry vast experience with expertise in the US education & sports system and field of cricket. CHoF will connect to its vast network of legends and Cricket Hall of Fame inductees, including professionals in all these settings.”

Patel also added that rapid changes in the sport of cricket demands that instructors frequently update and enhance training skills to keep pace with their expanding role and increased responsibility with regards to legal requirements in the USA & to meet sports culture.

“ACEC advocates for rigorous education and training to prepare coaches or instructors at schools and colleges / universities within the USA education and sports system to adhere to best professional practices and promote cricket education in the academic profession through professional activities. Apex panel will lead and manage the programs with plans to expand the team to include other expertise who carry common values to support our vision and mission,” said Patel.

The first cricket game in the USA was played during 1845 but it has missed adequate and organic education programs with qualified and knowledgeable people to sustain the growth and development of the game here. It’s been long due in the Americas, and Cricket Hall of Fame is the right group which cares about cricket and their support for education by forming ACEC as one important step to make difference in educational institutions with proper course work to start or expand programs at the schools and colleges. ACEC is prepared to Begin programs with 2023-24 academic year in USA through CricEdu also link will be accessible under

From Left Charles Peterson, with cricket hall of famers Sir. Alvin Kallicharran and Jatin Patel

at University of Minnesota (UMN) during 2014. As cricket education pioneers discussed

& laid foundation plan for CricEdu.