George and Diane Steir (wife), 2023 Class of Inductee donates $500 for Portland Jamaica Women Tournament

Portland, Jamaica

The Portland Women’s Tournament is scheduled for March 11-12 in Portland Jamaica.

Cricket lovers & supporters are invited to join weekend long event with opportunity to meet and interact with Mr. Michael Chambers, Executive Director, Cricket Hall of Fame, 1st in the world based in Hartford, CT, USA.

George and Diane Steir (wife), George is a 2023 Class of Inductee donates $500 toward Women tournament for this year and he is regular supporter for Portland Women Tournament in Jamaica.

Cricket Hall of Fame Endorsed this tournament and support with full fledge and seeking – Sponsors & donations.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or donate.

please send your request to

Michael Chambers or call 860 250 2796.