Twelve teams finalized for US Open T20 but ICC and US Cricket fail to Sanction Event

Twelve teams finalized for US Open T20

* As of  Thanksgiving day ICC nor US Cricket, the governing bodies, have failed to sanction the tournament. This is a big blow to the credibility of USA Cricket going forward. We need to take a good look as to who should be governing cricket in the USA. (Michael Chambers)

A total of 12 teams will be taking part in this year’s US Open T20 Premier League tournament.

This year promises to be the richest in the history of the league with over $150,000 in prize money and as a result a number of teams have been clamoring to get onboard. However, manager of the US Open T20 Asif Shams explained that only 12 could have been accommodated at this point. “We have been receiving requests to play from teams on a daily basis. We cannot possibly accommodate all teams that are interested in taking part.

“Earlier on in the year we made it very clear that the process would have been a first come first serve basis and we made it abundantly clear what was required for teams to be onboard. We wish we can accommodate everyone but it is not logistically possible given the window we have for the tournament.

“We have settled on 12 and we have started to take applications for next year as well, so we are still not turning teams away.”

Chairman of Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) Mahammad Qureshi said time is needed to get things in place for a successful tournament and this is why they put deadlines in place for teams to get onboard. “Every year we give ample time for teams to show their interest and then some of them allow the time to pass and then want to get in. We have to move away from this practice and we have done just that this year.”

The 12 teams taking part are CVUCC, Florida Scorpion, Clarion County Eagles, Samp Army, Nepali All Stars, Stallions CC, Stallions X, Masters Cricket Club, Virginia Fox, UMMC Knight Riders, Tampa Tigers CC and Titans Cricket Club.


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