Benita G. Toussaint, Special Awards 2022

Ms. Benita G. Toussaint is a Human Rights Advocate. A member of the Connecticut Conusmer & Family Adviosry Committee.

This visionary leader is grounded in the present but sees the possibilities of our collective future is the best describtion of Ms. Toussaint. A resident of Hartford, Connecicut Ms. Toussaint moved to the United States over five decades ago and settled in Hartford. Born on the island of  Trinidad, West Indies on August 15th, Ms. Toussaint comes from a family of deeply religious beliefs. Her multicultural heritage and roots give her ability to transcend and connect with people from all walks of life. She motivates, inspires and encourages persons to solidify their core strengths so that they can share their talents with their communities.

With the legacy of an indomitable spirit, achievement and contributions to Trinidad, it was only natural that Ms. Toussaint transfer those strengths to her adopted home of Greater Hartford. She is extremely proud of her first costume clinic where she taught the history,  traditions and art of designing Carnival costumes. The class challenged the partcipants to create their own costumes for the WICC Carnival parade. The class successfully captured the elegance and extravagance of Carnival and the gifted participants became master costume makers in a very short period of time under her nurturing tutelage.

Ms. Toussaint is a member of numerous boards and commissions that is involved in shaping the future and quality of life for the residents of Greater Hartford. Some of these include, Chair of the North Central Mental Health Board CAC#23, Leadership Greater Hartford,  the Commission on Human Relations, AFCAMP, the WICC, Knights of Peter Clever Ladies Auxiliary Saint Benedict Court #311, Cathedral of Saint Joseph Parish Council, St. Vincent DePaul Society, and the Connecticut Legal Rights Board of Directors, and NAMI CT.  She has held numerous leadership positions in these boards and commissions.

Ms. Toussaint’s passion for advocacy in her neighborhood will stop at nothing to ensure that the rights of others are not trampled. As one of the City of Hartford’s Human Relations Commissioners, her responsibilities include ensuring all of our residents have a voice. The residents of the City of Hartford are grateful that she chose to move here in the early 1960’s. She tirelessly shares her talents with the City of Harford in order to make it a better place for all of us.

Ms. Toussaint has taught us that we all have the gift and opportunity to stand on the shoulder of giants, to link hearts and hands, to speak out about injustices, and to use our voices to make a better future for our children.  She is the proud mother of four children, four grandchildren and one great grandson. She has instilled in all of them the value of education, the gift of community involvement, the legacy of achievement and caring that should make up the core values of the family unit.