Veronica Campbell Brown, CD and Donald Quarrie, CD to be honored in NYC May 28, 2022

NEW YORK, NY. Tuesday, April 19, 2022 – Forty-five (45) years after it was established on the campus of Cornwall College, in Montego Bay, Jamaica, the Montego Bay Comets Athletics Club now Comets Club International, will celebrate the occasion with a grand reunion and awards gala, in New York City, on Saturday, May 28, 2022.

The formal affair is slated for the Antun’s Banquet Hall in Queens Village, NY, and will honor two of Jamaica’s iconic sports personalities from Track & Field Athletics in Veronica Campbell Brown (VCB) and Donald Quarrie (DQ), with Lifetime Achievement statues.

The reunion and awards gala – Saturday, May 28 – is sandwiched by events on the day before (Friday) and the morning after (Sunday), to give folks time to catch up on old times, going back to the Fall (October) of 1977, when a number of senior student/athletes at Cornwall College, huddled in one of the dormitories to think through life and athletics after school, deciding there and then that a track club, the first of its kind in the resort capital, is a good option.

“It is safe to say there is not a substantial discussion on track & field athletics in Jamaica without some mention of the names Donald Quarrie and Veronica Campbell Brown, and so we are delighted that they have accepted our invitation to be recognized at this time,” offered Michael Campbell, a former manager/coach of the running club in Montego Bay and now the international president, based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

The event falls on the big Memorial Day holiday weekend in the USA and Nova Perrin, planning committee chair is excited that past and present members, their families, close associates and friends of the Comets Club organization, will have a fun time at Antun’s.

The awards ceremony aside, patrons will be treated to a full course, Caribbean entrée and entertainment by True Tribute All-Stars, a five-member ensemble, led by musicologist and saxophonist, LeRoy Graham.

Popular DJ Binghy (Ayon Kellier) of KillaStar Sound will entertain at dance time.

Tickets for the event are on sale at 302.339.0786 and must be purchased on/before Friday, May 13.