Sachin Tendulkar Nominated by Bhagi for class of 2022

Dear Mr Chambers – Greetings!
As you know the greatest cricketer of all time known as GOD of cricket the legendary Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar needs no introduction!!!
I am humbled to submit legendary Sachin Tendulkar nomination for 2022 Cricket Hall of Fame induction as he can inspire many millions of future generations cricketers in North America and around the world 🌎. Hence I request you and the board consider his nomination to announce asap.
Kindly note I’m lucky to play in few games as his opponent when he was representing Mumbai and I am was part of Hyderabad U19 state cricket Moin-ud-wala Ranji and Wills Trophy during my playing days in India. The day you announced my selection on CHOF, same night I had dream where Sachin appeared clearly playing some legends cricket 🏏 in USA so having him on Cricket Hall of fame can help us grow this T20 and T10 competitive Cricket exponentially at rapid pace in USA like his match winning innings.
As Sir Don Bradman once said Sachin is a complete batsman who reminded my playing days.
I’m Looking forward to your confirmation and collaborate with Sachin Management to finalize logistics and sponsorship ASAP
Thanking you
At your service
Bhagi Nanda Sandilya