Mohammed Amin Markatia is the founder and CEO of StreamO Media and 24Seven Technologies. He has over thirty years of entrepreneur experience that includes founding and operating companies in social media, health-tech, telecommunication, distribution, real estate, c-stores, call centers and software development space. He started the largest distribution networks for Prepaid Products & Services in North America with a physical presence in 17 major US cities including outreach to larger Canadian markets, reaching over 50,000 retail locations overall. He also founded the first widely installed point of sale system for Prepaid Products & Services in the country with an installed base of 10,000+ retail locations, delivering more than 300 SKUs for over 50 national and international vendors. Mohammed’s love and passion for cricket started at a very early age. Having played club cricket in his native country, Pakistan, he continued playing in Florida leagues after arriving in USA for higher education. He has been part of Cricket Council USA since its inception and has served it, alongside his good friend MAQ Qureshi, in various capacities. In the last 20+ years, the Cricket Council USA has grown to be one of the most prestigious, privately funded organization supporting Cricket and its players in the United States. Along with many ICC sanctioned events, CCUSA has conducted over 300 reginal and national tournaments since it was first founded. Utilizing the skills developed in his businesses and technology ventures, Mohammed has gained expertise in industries such as software development, healthcare, digital payment technologies, business process automation, BPO, customer services, technology outsourcing, and product and business development. Mohammed holds an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering and a graduate degree in Business Administration. As a former Ernst & Young nominee, he also serves on several corporate and charitable boards. Mohammed’s zest for business enables him to lead a team of highly successful professionals.

Mohammed has made his life’s ambition to explore and create within the business world. As such, he is never afraid to take the first step into uncharted territories—a courage that has allowed him to build many successful organizations from scratch. Mohammed is known to be a “people person,” which has helped him many times over in his career, and he takes great pride in the honesty and integrity with which he operates his businesses. He also takes interest and involves himself in a myriad of social and non-profit causes. He believes that excess wealth is a liability, not an asset.


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