Teachings of Dr. Erwin Deiser;

Usurps from his sermons that we should apply to our everyday living.


Sermons by: Rev. Dr. Erwin Deiser

Edited by: Michael Chambers





The teachings of Dr. Erwin Deiser have been silent for a few years now. Dr. Desire has produced a number of CDs that he has shared with his ardent church members. This teaching by Dr. Deiser though shared by many other teachers in his fraternity have not gone wholesale to the general Science of the Mind community.


My sister Joy Chambers introduced me to Dr. Deiser’s teachings. Joy and my mother attended Dr. Deiser’s church in Pembroke Pines, Florida for a number of years, when she first moved to Florida in the early 1990. I was fortunate to receive his tapes from my sister who would mail them up to me in Bloomfield, Connecticut. I enjoyed this first hand exposure to his teachings.


While listening to Dr. Desier’s tapes and then his CDs I was lead to the teachings of Ernist Holmes and Wayne Dyer. I read Science of the Mind by Ernest Holmes and fell in love with the theory. Just like Ernest Holms, who wrote the book “Science of the Mind” back in 1926 and which was republished recently, I am hoping to publish Dr. Deiser’s teaching and distribute them to the public, with Dr. Deiser’s blessings.

I enjoyed reading Your Erroneous Zone by Dr. Wayne Dyer. Dyer’s teachings are also very enlightening.

One Sunday, in the early 2018, I attended a service at Dr. Deiser’s church in his Pembroke Pines apartment. I remember the theme song we sang that day: Row, row, row, your boat, gently down the stream. At the end of the song his interpretation of what the words meant was very interesting. He explained the song was letting us know the boat that we should all be rowing was our very own boat. We should be rowing our boats gently down the stream.

At the end of the service we went to the cafeteria, in the building, to have lunch. During the discussion Dr. Deiser explained that he had a collection of books and CDs he was trying to get rid of. I volunteered that I was very much interested in receiving the supplies. During the COVID-19 pandemic lock down of 2020 my sister was able to secure a healthy supply of books and CDs from Dr. Deiser. These books were shipped to me in Bloomfield. I am now the proud owner of a wealth of knowledge.

This collection of books was written by a number of famous authors. The CDs are the personal sermons that were presented by Reverend Dr. Deiser to his congregation over the years. I have begun to transcribe the CDs to text to be placed in books. These texts will be made accessible to the public. A friend of mine, Angela Clark who lives in Jamaica, is doing the translation to text.

The first copy “Mindfulness Meditation in Todays

World” will be available in late January 2022.

This first book will contain eight of his sermons;

Silence, Do Something, Practice, Forget it, Spiritually Proud Part 1, Spiritually Proud Part 2, Mastering Thoughts and You are Sacred Ground.

I have always said the four principles for success in today’s world are Mindfulness (by Jon Kabat-Zinn), Visualization, Emotional Intelligence coupled with Post traumatic Stress Disorder.


To be continued weekly: