Who’s Who in Cricket by CHOF – First in the world.

Who’s Who in Cricket – First in the World.
The Cricket Hall of Fame, established in 1981 –  the first globally –  has launched the first directory of Who’s Who in Cricket. The publication is also a first in the world. It aims to connect the global cricket fraternity and community via networking to access online resources easily.
Cricket is the oldest team sport and the second most popular sport globally with almost three centuries of rich history and is now roaring to expand globally. Cricket Who’s Who online website (Cricketwhoswho.com) is a reference resource for biographical and professional data about individuals and their accomplishments in the cricket world. It will also serve the networking of the cricket fraternity worldwide as it profiles those in the online community who have distinguished themselves in their areas of expertise (directly or indirectly related to cricket). At the same time, aspiring and professional cricketers are paving the way as leaders in the cricketing community.
There is no cost to be included in the basic listing, which also involves special recognitions by invitation only. The primary goal is to have Who’s Who in Cricket create an online forum that showcases professionals’ expertise, experience, and perhaps a few personality traits while maintaining a platform where visitors may search free of charge.
Who’s Who in Cricket is actively accepting biographical data of individuals involved in the cricket world, which will be included in the online searchable directory, leading to the annual publication of Who’s Who in Cricket in the coming years. Vital references with resources people worldwide may use confidently for their interest in the sport.
Who’s Who in Cricket is keen to obtain and provide accurate information on individuals directly or indirectly involved in cricket, fostering meaningful connections and sharing their accomplishments with the world. Besides bio-data, resumes, or curriculum vitae, the intent is to honor and recognize individuals’ notable contributions to cricket.
Michael Chambers, one of the founders of the Cricket Hall of Fame, and Jatin Patel, a renowned multi-sport coach, mentor, and professional sports performance analyst for cricket, soccer, and himself a Cricket Hall of Famer, with three decades of experience, including many administrative roles in USA cricket, will lead the project with many other Cricket Hall of Famers. As visionaries, they see the need for a strong network of individuals to support the growing global cricket fraternity. It’s a one-stop platform for the personal and informative cricketing needs from the groundsman to the professional cricketer, administrator, coach, umpire, and other individuals who have contributed to or supported the game since its creation.

REVISED 1/1/2022