SOUR SOP LEAF TEA PARTY Wed. Dec. 15, 2021




On Wednesday December 15, 2021 the Sportmen’s Athletic Club and the Cricket Hall of Fame in association with Gardner’s House sponsored a Sour Sop leave tea party at the Sportsmen’s 2976 Main Street Hartford, Connecticut. The event was in honor of a number of breast cancer strivers, who were invited to an evening of jerk chicken and baked salmon meal. Dr. Lawrence, the guest speaker, spoke about how to detect early signs of breast cancer, and what steps one should take to ensure that the cancer is successfully removed.

Dr Camelia Lawrence, MD, FACS is a brest surgeon with Hartford Health Care Cancer Institute. She is  board-certified  and  fellowship trained in advanced breast cancer surgery.

Suzette Debeatham-Brown past mayor of Bloomfield was one of the other speakers. Suzette gave her familie’s experience with cancer and spoke of her own challenges with breast cancer. It was interesting to note that Suzette was the first mayor of Jamaican/ West Indian/Caribbean decent to serve as mayor of Bloomfield.

Both speakers Dr. Lawrence and Mayor Suzette Debeatham-Brown were born in Jamaica W.I.

A number of strivers spoke about the work Gardner House is doing for cancer patients in the community.

Maggie Gardner CEO and founder of Gardner’s House told the gathering about her vision to one day purchase a building to house the Gardner’s House foundation.

The meal was something to talk about. Dunn’s River restaurant, Hartford,  sponsored the Jerk Chicken, the famous promoter GMoney sponsored the Baked Salmon and steam vegetables. Ms. Youlanda Braham supplied a delicious rum cake and carrot cake. Sponsors of the event were George Steir, Lincoln Anderson, Michael Chambers Esq, Joy Chance, West Indian Social Club, West Indian Foundation, Dynamic Electrical and Violet Haldane,

A delicious and freshly brewed sour sap leaf tea was served all night. Donna Campbell from North United Methodist Church supplies the sour sop drink made from the sour sop fruit.

The Master of Ceremony Mike Chambers, Executive Director of the Cricket Hall of Fame reported that plans for a bigger Sour Sop Leaf Tea Party were on the way. Dr. Lawrence was presented with a souvenir Cricket Hall of Fame bat and a certificate of Appreciation by the president of the Hall of Fame Felicia Davis, Dr. Suzette Debeatham-Brown and Maggie Gardner were also presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from the Hall.

Chambers presented Dr. Lawrence with one of his books “What do you do when the doctor says you have cancer”.  See you all next year. Have a blessed and happy Holidays, Merry Christmas have a blessed a prosperous 2022 WHEN IT COMES.

Lawrence Jaggon, President and CEO of CPCL was the photographer and camera man for the event.