Jamaica’s Sunshine Girl Receives Certificate From Cricket Hall of Fame


Dr. Dolton James, Director of the Cricket Hall of Fame presented Ms. Hemmings with a Cricket Hall of Fame Certificate of Appreciation for her hard work and dedication to the sport of netball. Dr. James remarked that public sector and Governments needed to show our athletes how much we appreciate them.
Ms. Hemmings accepted a certificate of appreciation from Mr. Ovid John, treasurer, of the Hall, on behalf of the Jamaica Sunshine Girls for their outstanding performance in the tournament.

Joy Chance, Executive Director of the West Indian Foundation, presented Ms. Hemmings with a book entitled “Winning Strokes” written by Michael Chambers. Chance welcomed her to Hartford and wished her best of luck in her future endeavors. Chambers explained that he noticed the Sunshine Girls and the West Indies Cricket team were both experiencing the same difficulty of underperforming in crucial games. He explained that there were four items necessary to be a champion, Mindfulness, Visualization, Emotional Intelligence training and the successful control of post traumatic stress disorder. Chambers encouraged Ms. Hemmings to read the book, practice the theory and pass on the knowledge to her teammates.

Mahadio Ajodih, Hall of Fame Board member, presented Ms Hemmings with a miniature cricket bat signed by all present.

Ms. Hemmings thanked the gathering for their hospitality and promised that if and when possible the Sunshine Girls would be happy make a special trip to Hartford.
Ms. Hemmings was surprised when she was shown her plaque hanging on the wall at the Hall.