Hartford’s Mayor Luke Bronin Presents Check for T20 Cricket Tournament

On Wednesday December 19, 2018 Mayor Luke Bronin of Hartford attended a meeting at the Cricket Hall of Fame and presented Michael Chambers with a check in support of the Cricket Tournament scheduled to be launched in the summer of 2019. Chambers is Executive Director of the Cricket Hall of Fame.
The Mayor expressed his sentements for using sports to engage the residents of Hartford. The Mayor believes if we can engage the residents in trusted spaces of their choosing we are better able to understand, listen and guide them towards achieving their best potentials in sports and beyond. “The Mayor’s Cup is a part of our development strategy to promote the game of cricket in Hartford”, Chambers said in receiving the check. “This strategy is the result of our association with Education for Development and Support Network (EDSN). You can find more detail about the Association at their website www.edsn.org”
“We at The Cricket Hall of Fame are very excited to join forces with the EDSN Association that is dedicated to Research-to-Practice partnerships with us for long-term community engagements. We find this association useful because it allows us to access private, academic, and government sectors partnerships; that bridge workforce and quality-of-life development gaps between formal education and informal learning for entrepreneurial philanthropy and sustainable economic developments in North Hartford in ways the Hall can never do by itself.”
The four local teams in Hartford, West Indian Social Club, Sportmen’s Athletic Club, Caribbean American Society and the Jamaica Progressive League will be invited to compete in the Tournament.
One of the attendees at the meeting, Professor Desmond Green, author and founder of the Reverence for life movement and the Reverence for Life On-Line University, discussed the value of working with the prison population inside the prison long before their release into the community at large. Professor Green spoke about the success the Reverence for life program had with the prison population in Jamaica. Professor Green has offered his expertise to work with the City of Hartford in addressing the prison problem.
Patrick Hamilton, a substitute teacher, explained that he enjoyed engaging the Hartford student population not only as a science teacher but also as a soccer and cricket coach. Patrick was once s super star cricket player at the Sportmen’s Athletic club and is looking forward to continuing his services to the residents of Hartford.
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